CHESTERFIELD — Police say they have looked into an incident Monday in which a man offered kids a ride to school and determined it was not an attempted abduction, as was initially reported in an alert from local schools.

The Chesterfield School District notified police of the incident Monday at about 8:20 a.m., according to a news release from Chesterfield police. A man in a dirty red van reportedly pulled up next to two boys who were walking to their bus stop and asked several times if they needed a ride. The van drove off after the children refused.

Chesterfield police and N.H. State Police conducted directed patrols Tuesday, located the van’s driver and interviewed him, according to the news release.

“Once located Chesterfield Police were able to interview the male and determined that this incident was not an attempted abduction and there is no threat to the public as a result of this incident,” the release said.

Police have closed the matter without charges.

Chesterfield Lt. Michael Bomba said that while the man did offer the kids a ride, “there was nothing remotely there that would indicate there was any type of foul play.”

N.H. School Administrative Unit 29 Superintendent Robert Malay said Tuesday night the incident is a “great example” of “see something, say something.”

“Thankfully in this incident there was no credible threat to our community, but what if there had and we did nothing? That would be unthinkable if something had happened,” he said.

In the news release, police encouraged people to continue to report any suspicious activity.

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