Jaffrey police

JAFFREY — One person is dead after an incident at a Jaffrey apartment, according to police, who provided few details at the scene Friday night.

Officers responded to a residence on Christian Court around 5:30 p.m. for reports of an unresponsive person with one or more apparent gunshot wounds in an apartment and another unresponsive person in a vehicle outside, according to Jaffrey Police Chief Bill Oswalt.

Oswalt declined to release their names or any identifying information, pending his department’s investigation.

The person in the car was not injured, Oswalt said, but the person in the apartment died. He did not give further details about the cause of death.

The two people knew each other, he added, and one lived in the apartment, though he wouldn’t identify who.

For at least two hours, officers could be seen entering and exiting a first-floor apartment in the white building. More Jaffrey police officers arrived later into the evening, and between five and 10 personnel were on the scene at any given time.

Oswalt said the case is under investigation, and repeated as much when asked if the death was considered suspicious.

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