HINSDALE — Two police officers received emergency treatment Friday evening after coming into contact with a drug that caused a medical incident, according to Hinsdale Police Chief Charles Rataj.

He said the officers came into contact with the substance just before 5 p.m. while searching a vehicle for drugs at the Hinsdale police headquarters on Main Street.

Rataj declined to identify the two officers and share details of their medical emergency, citing privacy restrictions, though he said both have been medically cleared. Rataj also declined to identify the substance that caused the emergency.

Hinsdale fire crews provided emergency treatment to the officers at police headquarters, and both also received treatment at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, according to Rataj. A hazmat team from the Keene Fire Department had decontaminated the area where the officers were working by 8 p.m., he said.

“They were both a huge help,” he said of the Hinsdale and Keene emergency crews. “I cannot state enough how much help they were.”

Both officers will return to duty on their next scheduled shifts, he said.

Rataj also credited another officer with taking “really quick action” to keep emergency responders from being exposed to the drug. There is no threat to the public, he said, though he warned residents to stay vigilant about lethal drugs in the area and contact the police with any information about those substances.

The vehicle search is related to an ongoing criminal investigation by Hinsdale police that Rataj said will now include the medical emergency Friday.

“We’re still in the early stages of investigating what happened,” he said.

This story has been updated with new information from Hinsdale police Chief Charles Rataj.

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