A phone and Internet outage reported in western New Hampshire Friday has led to Consolidated Communications testing their affected equipment, their spokeswoman said in an email Monday morning.

This stems from continued frustration with customers over the weekend, when they were told services were restored, but still had issues.

Shannon Sullivan, spokeswoman for Consolidated Communications, said in Monday’s email the outage is resolved, but their equipment testing may affect customers’ services.

“As a result of the outage, we are implementing some additional safeguards this morning,” Sullivan said in the same email. “We don’t anticipate any impact to customers. However, with any equipment work, a small number of customers could see a brief interruption.”

In The Sentinel’s weekend edition, it was reported there was only a “limited number” of customers still experiencing technical issues as of Friday evening. But when the article was posted on The Sentinel’s Facebook page, it garnered 87 comments — and counting — mostly arguing their service had not been restored.

“Still out in Gilsum! I have had nothing but problems with them!” said one comment.

“... this is the fourth time within less than six months,” said another.

And in the 33 shares of the article, similar tones were echoed.

When asked about these complaints Saturday morning, Sullivan said she checked in with the N.H. Consolidated Communications team and “everything from a network perspective is in service.”

If customers were still experiencing issues, she said to reboot the system and call technical support if still not working.

A few comments reflected this, saying services were restored around 4 a.m. in towns like Marlborough and Peterborough. Others were reporting it was still out in areas of Keene and in Marlow, Troy and Jaffrey later in the morning. In Winchester, customers said service was back on, but very slow.

The technical support line, though, still has a prompted message before customers are connected to a representative, acknowledging the continued service issues in New Hampshire.

Sullivan said just after noon that she was able to “definitively confirm there are no outages” and said the phone message would be updated.

A concrete number of those affected by the outage was not available, Sullivan said.

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