Frances Boucher

Paul Cuno-Booth / Sentinel Staff

While making her allegiance clear through the “Amy for America” sign she held in

Hinsdale Tuesday, Frances Boucher placed signs for other Democratic candidates in the snow behind her after they were ruled too close to the polls to stay unattended.

HINSDALE — Frances Boucher stood outside the Millstream Community Center on Tuesday afternoon with a green “Amy for America” sign, a lone figure braving the cold rain.

Not far away, yard signs for other candidates lined the sidewalk. Assistant Attorney General Jesse O’Neill ruled them too close to the polling place to remain there unattended.

So Boucher, a Hinsdale resident, gathered up the signs — three “NH for Warren,” two “Pete 2020,” one “Bernie” — and stuck them in a snowbank right behind her. “Anybody that can beat Trump,” she said.

“You’re a sweetheart,” N.H. Sen. Jay Kahn of Keene, a fellow Klobuchar supporter, called out from across the street. “I’d be too competitive.”

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