No one was injured after a horse-drawn carriage lost control and crashed into two parked cars at Stonewall Farm Monday, according to Keene police.

The carriage held 16 1st-graders and nine adults when the horses “went a little bit out of control,” Keene police Lt. Todd Lawrence said.

The accident was reported at 11:42 a.m. on Monday, according to Lawrence.

Lawrence said the horses were also uninjured and the handler was able to get them under control.

Alan Bettler, the assistant director to the farm, confirmed that damage was done to the cars and the carriage.

Lawrence said the damaged cars were parked in the farm’s parking lot; he did not know the extent of the damage to them.

Stonewall Farm is a nonprofit working and educational farm on Chesterfield Road. Lawrence said the students were visiting the farm on a school field trip, though he didn’t know what school they were with.

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