A day after news broke of his domestic violence charges in June, Rep. Robert Forsythe has resigned from the New Hampshire House and won’t seek re-election, he said Thursday.

The Boscawen Republican is facing a felony count of second-degree assault and two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence after allegedly choking a pregnant intimate partner and kneeing her in the back on June 28, the Monitor reported Wednesday. That report prompted a swift call for Forsythe’s resignation by Gov. Chris Sununu, a Republican, and State House Democrats.

In a phone call Thursday morning, Forsythe, 38, said he had chosen to step down after consulting with fellow representatives and Rep. Dick Hinch, the House Republican Leader.

“The governor asked for my resignation obviously. He made a public statement about it. I’ve consulted other representatives and the caucus leader. All of them mentioned that that would be the most prudent choice,” he said.

“I haven’t been pressured,” he added. “They left the decision up to me. I agree that that is the best option, not only for the district but for the state.”

Hinch confirmed the resignation in his own statement Thursday afternoon.

“I spoke with Rep. Forsythe this morning and encouraged him to resign from the House, which he has now done,” Hinch stated. “He faces very serious charges that he will need to answer to in a court of law. Domestic violence and assault are unacceptable and wrong and have no place in our society.”

Forsythe, who was running for re-election, was running unopposed in the Republican primary. He said Thursday he had consulted with the Merrimack County Republican party but that no Republican replacement candidate had yet been identified.

He said he will fight the charges against him.

“The felony charges — that’s not going to hold up in court,” he said. “Most of what was said, especially by the police officer were lies. Either he misheard something or he’s intentionally being misleading.”

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