If someone knocks on your door offering to pave your driveway at a discounted rate using extra asphalt from another job, tell them to leave your property, N.H. State Police say. It’s a scam.

Authorities said in a news release Wednesday that “the high-pressure approach is designed to confuse and intimidate you. You are not getting a deal, you are being scammed.” These so-called “paving scams” are common throughout New Hampshire and increase in the spring and summer months, with perpetrators often targeting senior citizens, according to State Police. Similar scams involve unsolicited offers to perform work on trees and chimneys, according to the news release.

In these rackets, people and equipment appear on your property, and they begin working, State Police say. At some point, one of the workers will say a mistake was made, and you now owe thousands of dollars, threatening to stop the work if you refuse to pay. Scammers could even try to escort victims to their bank to withdraw money, according to the release.

State Police say the best ways to avoid these scams include calmly but firmly telling the solicitors you are not interested and to leave your property, and calling the police if they refuse or begin working at your home without your consent.

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