New Hampshire is falling behind several other states in the pace of first shots administered for COVID-19. According to CDC data, New Hampshire is now 14th in the country in the percent of residents with at least one vaccination dose. That’s down from 6th place earlier this summer.

Many of the states that have surpassed New Hampshire are taking a more aggressive approach to vaccination. Some have required that public employees be vaccinated or submit to regular testing. Others have offered large financial incentives.

The state of California will require vaccines for people attending large events. In New York, community groups are going door to door in areas with low vaccination rates. And New York City is requiring at least one dose of the vaccine for indoor dining and gyms.

New Hampshire has taken a different approach, leaving vaccine mandates to private businesses, and passing a law that says the vaccine cannot be required to access public benefits and services.

The state continues to hold mobile clinics, which will continue into the fall, and the vaccine is available at more than 500 locations.

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