Four candidates running to represent area communities are among more than 100 incumbent members of the N.H. House of Representatives to win the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business’ state political action committee.

“These endorsed candidates have the backs of small business owners in the state of New Hampshire,” Ray Pinard, an NFIB Leadership Council member, said in a prepared statement. “This has not been an easy year for anyone but small business has been particularly hit hard and if not for the votes and views of these candidates, 2020 would have been much worse than it has been.”

Locally, the candidates endorsed for re-election are as follows:

N.H. Rep. Judy Aron, R-Acworth, in Sullivan County House District 7. Aron is hoping to fend off a challenge from fellow Acworth resident Claudia Istel, a Democrat, in this district, which includes the area communities of Acworth and Langdon.

N.H. Rep. Jim Feldolfi, R-Hillsboro, Hillsborough County House District 1. Fedolfi; incumbent N.H. Rep. Marjorie Porter, D-Hillsboro; John J. Valera, a Windsor Republican; and Susanne F. White, a Hillsboro Democrat, are running for the two seats in this district, which covers Antrim, Hillsboro and Windsor.

N.H. Rep. John B. Hunt, R-Rindge, Cheshire County House District 11. Hunt; Gene Andersen, a Rindge Democrat; Patricia A. Martin, a Rindge Democrat; and Jim Qualey, a Rindge Republican, are running for the two seats in this district, which covers Fitzwilliam and Rindge.

N.H. Rep. Steven Smith, R-Charlestown, in Sullivan County House District 11. Smith is running against Mary A. Henry, a Langdon Democrat, in this district, which includes the local communities of Acworth, Charlestown and Langdon.

The National Federation of Independent Business advocates for small and independent business owners, according to its website. It has about 1,400 members in New Hampshire, State Director Bruce Berke said previously via email.