HINSDALE — Hinsdale residents will convene Saturday to vote on the town and school district’s 2021 warrants.

The annual meetings for both were delayed earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though Hinsdale voters elected town and school district officers back in March. Saturday’s meetings will take place in the gymnasium of Hinsdale Middle/High School, with the school district warrant being read at 9 a.m. and the town warrant scheduled to be read at 10 a.m.

On the town warrant, voters will be asked to consider a proposed operating budget of $4,631,776, up slightly over the $4,518,996 approved last year.

Also on the warrant is an article asking to raise and appropriate $992,800 to complete a reconstruction of School Street.

The bulk of that money, $794,240, would be provided by the federal Transportation Alternatives Program, and $50,000 would come from an expendable trust fund established for School Street improvements. The remaining $148,560 would be bonded by the selectboard. A two-thirds majority is required for this article to pass.

In addition, voters will be asked to spend $540,810 for water department operations and $412,675 to run the town sewer plant.

The town is also proposing to enter into a four-year lease for a pair of Dodge utility police vehicles at a total cost of $88,000. The first year’s payment would be $23,950, and the town would own the vehicles at the end of the lease.

Voters will also be asked to establish a rail-to-trail expendable trust fund and to put $15,000 from the town’s general fund into it. The money would be used to match a grant that the town intends to apply for, to complete a rail trail project in Hinsdale.

Meanwhile, on the school district’s brief warrant, voters will be asked to approve a $14,218,291 operating budget, up slightly from the $14,150,937 residents approved in 2020. They’ll also be asked to approve contractual increases to salary and benefit costs over the next three years: $44,465 in 2022, $40,783 in 2023 and $42,272 in 2024. The increases are part of an agreement between the school board and the Hinsdale Support Staff Association.

The full town warrant can be viewed online at https://bit.ly/3vhbXV0, while the school district warrant can be found in the district’s annual report, which can be viewed at https://bit.ly/3tWleBJ.

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