Area residents were sentenced recently in Cheshire County Superior Court. They include:

Robert A. John, 57, of Winchester pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and criminal mischief. According to court documents, John grabbed a family member by the throat in Swanzey last September, and also used his car to push the family member’s Subaru “halfway off the driveway into vegetation/swamp land,” damaging the Subaru. John was sentenced to 360 days in jail, all deferred for two years, and placed on probation for six months.

Lucas K. Dunn, 33, of Keene pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of criminal threatening and domestic violence. According to the charges, Dunn charged at Jacob Pelligrienell with a knife in Keene in May, and on the same day in the city, grabbed an intimate partner by the shirt and pulled her toward him. Dunn also admitted to violating his probation on a 2018 theft conviction for possessing the knife and getting arrested. Dunn was sentenced to 30 days in the Cheshire County jail, to be served on consecutive weekends, in addition to a one-year jail sentence that was suspended on condition of good behavior.

Gregory James Precourt, 33, of Keene pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of aggravated driving while intoxicated and endangering the welfare of a child. The charges allege Precourt drove an off-road vehicle on Sullivan Road in Keene in April while impaired, with two children, ages 3 and 1, in the vehicle. The children were not wearing protective headgear, according to the charges. Precourt was sentenced to 360 days in jail, with all but five days suspended. He was also sentenced to 180 days in jail, also suspended, which would be consecutive to the other suspended sentence if ever imposed. Precourt was placed on probation for two years, and his license was suspended for 18 months. He was ordered to pay $930 in fines and penalties. Prosecutors dropped a felony charged of aggravated DWI, alleging he caused an OHRV collision, and two misdemeanor charges.

Andrew W. Martz, 29, whose address is listed as the Cheshire County jail in Keene, pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to sell and possession of fentanyl-subsequent, both felonies. The charges say Martz possessed a ½ ounce or more of cocaine in Keene in March with the intent to sell it, and possessed fentanyl on the same day. Martz has previous convictions for possession with intent to sell in 2008 and possession of heroin in 2014, according to court documents. Martz was sentenced to 13 to 26 months in N.H. State Prison. He was credited for 161 days served awaiting the resolution of his case. An additional sentence of 2½ to 5 years in prison was suspended on condition of good behavior. Fines and penalties of $1,240 were also suspended. Prosecutors dismissed six other felony charges alleging possession of controlled drugs, in some cases with intent to sell.

Demetrius A. Dargan, 28, of Keene pleaded guilty to selling crack cocaine, a felony, in Keene in March. Dargan was sentenced to three months in jail, to be served mostly in 48-hour periods every week, in addition to nine months of suspended jail time. Fines and penalties of $434 were also suspended. Dargan was ordered to pay $100 in restitution to the Keene Police Department.

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