Former state senator and gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly of Harrisville endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president Tuesday, Waren’s campaign announced in a news release.

Kelly ran for governor in 2018, securing the Democratic Party nomination but falling short to incumbent Gov. Chris Sununu in November. She had been mulling a run again in 2020, but last week said she won’t seek the office.

The Harrisville resident served in the state Senate for 10 years and has been an influential figure in statewide politics since working on Democrat Michael Dukakis’ successful 1988 New Hampshire primary campaign.

“I’m honored to have Molly in our fight for big, structural change,” Warren said in the news release. “Molly has been a progressive leader for the Granite State in making sure our government works for all of us, not just those at the top. Her support means the world to me.”

Kelly said Warren’s platform aligns with her longtime values.

“Elizabeth is running to address so many of the issues I’ve fought for my whole life,” Kelly said in a statement, “including fighting to make a quality education available to everyone, expanding health care and reproductive rights, ensuring equal opportunity for all, and, most importantly, putting our families and children first — that’s why I’m supporting her.”

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