Maplewood Nursing Home

Maplewood Nursing Home

WESTMORELAND — A non-direct-care worker at the county-run Maplewood Nursing Home tested positive for COVID-19 this past week, according to a news release Cheshire County officials issued Friday.

This is the second employee of the facility who has tested positive for the viral disease, the release says. The first, a part-time worker who also did not care directly for residents, was in late April.

The latest worker, who has no contact with residents or their rooms, has shown no symptoms of the disease, the release says, and is not working in the building.

All residents tested negative for COVID-19 this past week, according to the county.

All staff and 10 percent of residents will be tested again Monday and Tuesday as part of a state directive, the release says.

Since the pandemic began, Maplewood Nursing Home has implemented a range of infection-prevention measures, including limiting visitation as required by Gov. Chris Sununu’s March 13 order declaring a state of emergency.

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