Maplewood Nursing Home

Maplewood Nursing Home in Westmoreland

WESTMORELAND — A resident of Maplewood Nursing Home has tested positive for COVID-19, Cheshire County announced in a news release Thursday evening.

The resident was being seen at the hospital Wednesday, according to the release, and was tested for COVID-19 as a routine matter. Maplewood — a county-run facility — was notified of the positive test Wednesday evening.

The resident had not returned to the nursing home as of Thursday, the release said. The person was in a different unit than a staff member who tested positive earlier this week.

All residents will be tested for the viral disease, the county said. Staff will continue to be tested weekly as they have been.

Per state guidance, the county said, residents on Maplewood’s second and third floors will be restricted to their rooms, and the facility’s limited communal dining has been stopped.

Residents on the fourth floor are also being asked to stay in their rooms as much as possible, the release said, until their test results come back.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a handful of Maplewood employees have tested positive for COVID-19. (Some then got re-tested on their own and received a negative result, but the county still treated them as positive cases for the purposes of self-isolating.)

The county has announced only one resident case to date, in November. A subsequent round of testing did not find any additional positives among residents, the county said, and the resident has since made a full recovery.

Maplewood staff and residents are scheduled to receive their first COVID-19 vaccine shots Monday, then the required follow-up shot Jan. 25, according to the county’s news release.

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