Keene police officer Matt Bomberg guards Adam Martz in 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene Tuesday afternoon.

A 21-year-old man who set off a city-wide alarm when he was reported walking in an area of Keene with five schools with a gun was arraigned today in 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene. 

Adam Martz of Keene was charged with simple assault and resisting arrest this afternoon.

Early today, Martz allegedly assaulted his girlfriend by hitting her in the face, said Assistant Cheshire County Attorney D. Chris McLaughlin.

When Keene police arrived on the scene of the alleged assault, Martz fled with a loaded gun into the woods near Monadnock View Cemetery, causing the four public schools in the West Keene area — Keene High School, Keene Middle School and Daniels and Symonds elementary schools — to go into “lock-in” mode as police searched for him, McLaughlin said. 

The private Trinity Christian School, also in the area, was closed for the day. 

 Martz turned himself in at the Keene Police Department later in the morning, McLaughlin said. 

Martz is being held for lack of  $10,000 bail and is due to appear in court Thursday, Feb. 23. 

Keene Police Chief Kenneth Meola released the following statement this afternoon: 



Search for Armed Suspect


DATE: February 14, 2012

The Keene Police responded to 451 Park Avenue at approximately 0400hrs for a report of domestic disturbance. While en route, Officers were notified the female half had fled to another apartment. She further reported having been assaulted and that the male half was armed with a firearm.

Upon arrival, Keene Police observed the involved male standing on the balcony of his apartment armed with a long gun and telling the Officers to shoot him. He returned inside the apartment and subsequently fled from the apartment complex into the woods toward Monadnock View Cemetery with the firearm in his possession.

Members of the Keene Police, along with Officers from Swanzey, Winchester, Hinsdale, Chesterfield, Cheshire County Sherriff's Office and State Police set a perimeter in an attempt to contain the subject to the woods. The Keene Police K-9 unit arrived a short time later and attempted to track the suspect through the swamp. Due to the difficult and expansive terrain, the State Police helicopter, equipped with a FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) device was requested and responded to the scene.

Local schools were placed in lockdown as the situation progressed through the morning as a precaution. Officers were placed at Jonathan Daniels School, Keene Middle School, Symonds School and Keene High School, as a further precautionary measure.

At approximately 0950hrs, the following subject was taken into custody without incident:

Adam Martz, 21 years old

445 Park Ave

Keene, NH

Martz was charged with Simple Assault and Resisting Arrest. He is scheduled to be arraigned in 8th Circuit Court in Keene today at 1330hrs.

This case is still under investigation. Anyone having information relative to this case can contact Detective Michael O'Donnell at 357-9820.

Information concerning this incident may also be provided anonymously via email on our website at: