Courtesy of Andrea Lake


Andrea Lake rushed her cat Batman to the veterinarian last Wednesday, thinking the 4-year-old had been hit by a car. Instead, she discovered he was shot.

Lake, 35, of Keene, said her cat was shot behind his right shoulder.

“It’s a big bullet when it comes to a cat, but it’s relatively small for bullets in general,” Lake said Monday evening. Dr. Lee Pearson of Cheshire Animal Hospital in Keene said he consulted with a police officer who initially thought there were two pellets — about .22-caliber — but because there was only one entry hole Pearson said it’s possible the projectile hit Batman’s vertebrae and split in half.

Keene police Lt. Steven Tenney said it’s unclear what type of weapon was used.

Now, Lake is looking for answers to who shot her pet, and why.

Batman was spotted by a driver, dragging himself by his front legs along Elm Street near Fuller Elementary School last Wednesday, Lake said. Lake, who lives nearby, said the driver asked if she had a cat, and they found Batman wounded under a bush.

Batman is now staying at Cheshire Animal Hospital with kidney issues. While he has regained some motion in his back left leg, Lake said she worries about the kidney condition after blood work came back earlier this week.

What has been even harder, she said, was telling her six children their cat had been shot.

“I just had to sit the kids down, tell them that Batman hadn’t been hit by a car, and had, in fact, been shot,” Lake said, adding the kids wondered how someone could be so cruel.

Tenney said officers are investigating.

“In this case, there wasn’t a lot to go off from because there weren’t any witnesses or anything like that ... It certainly appears that [the cat] was shot by some type of weapon.”

From her conversations with the vet, Lake said Batman couldn’t have been shot too far from her home and the school, given the severity of his condition and limited ability to drag himself by his front legs alone.

“[The veterinarian] said there’s no way [the cat] made it more than the length of a couple houses,” Lake said.

Despite being optimistic earlier, Lake said she is increasingly concerned about Batman’s prognosis amid the kidney issues. She added that she and her husband, John, have already spent $1,200 to keep the cat alive.

“Between my husband and I, we’ve kind of been bouncing back and forth with the vet between our schedules,” Lake said. “... It’s hard to know why the kidneys are that way, and if they’ll get better.”

Tenney said anyone with information on the case can call Keene police at 357-9813.