Ward 2 voters chose three selectmen from a candidate field of five Tuesday, in the only contested race among elections officers on this year’s general-election ballots.

The top vote-getters for the Ward 2 selectmen’s seats were Chuck Weed, with 531 votes, outgoing City Councilor Carl B. Jacobs, with 469, and Nancy M. Wilkinson, with 449. Wes Cobb and Robert H. Beard fell short, with 249 votes and 170, respectively.

Elected without contest for selectmen’s seats in the other wards were:

Ward 1: Kim Maleski (287 votes), Marcia Kayser (266 votes) and Ruzzel Zullo (240 votes)

Ward 3: Cheryl Kahn (638 votes), Charlie Stone (586 votes) and John McKeon (555 votes)

Ward 4: Margaret Simonds (682 votes), Paul Krautmann (641 votes) and Nancy Ancharski (623 votes)

Ward 5: Richard Berry (765 votes), Nancy Lane Stone (747 votes) and Sandra Van de Kauter (735 votes)

Elected without contest to other ward positions were: Colin “Bob” Lyle (Ward 1 moderator, 360 votes); Elizabeth C. Sayre (Ward 1 clerk, 355 votes): Jane Ellsworth (Ward 1 checklist supervisor, 366 votes); Matthew McKeon (Ward 2 moderator, 755 votes); Jamie L.J. White (Ward 2 clerk, 773 votes); Linda Haas (Ward 2 checklist supervisor, 774 votes); Lucinda McKeon (Ward 3 moderator, 780 votes); Kathleen M. Richards (Ward 3 clerk, 797 votes); Carol A. Lynch (Ward 3 checklist supervisor, 786 votes); Ellen Wishart (Ward 4 moderator, 840 votes); Claudette Nicholas (Ward 4 clerk, 858 votes); Claire Coey (Ward 4 checklist supervisor, 842 votes); Jim Fay (Ward 5 moderator, 951 votes); Barbara Berry (Ward 5 clerk, 946 votes); and Sylvie L. Rice (Ward 5 checklist supervisor, 943 votes).

All of these positions are for two-year terms.