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An athlete at Keene State College has tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in more than two dozen others affiliated with the college being quarantined.

The student tested positive during the latest round of weekly, college-wide testing on Thursday and Friday, according to spokeswoman Kelly Ricaurte.

As a precaution, 25 other people — one staff member and 24 students — who came in contact with the student are quarantining, Ricaurte said.

Initially four staff members were quarantining, but Ricaurte said after further review by the contact-tracing team, it was determined unnecessary for three of them to do so.

Ricaurte declined to identify the sports team involved, citing student and staff confidentiality.

The student who tested positive lives off campus, she said.

A total of 13 Keene State students have now tested positive for the novel coronavirus since they began returning to campus in mid-August.

Seven students tested positive before arriving or shortly thereafter, five of whom had received their results before moving back to Keene. One student went into isolation on campus, and another isolated in an off-campus apartment.

Since arriving to campus, five additional students tested positive, the college reported last week.

Anyone who tests positive is required to isolate — either by returning home or reporting to a designated space on campus — until receiving a negative test result.

Ricaurte said Keene State sports teams are practicing, but do not compete in intercollegiate games.

This has been updated to reflect additional information from spokeswoman Kelly Ricaurte.

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