Police are seeking suspects after several vehicles and buildings in downtown Keene were vandalized with graffiti Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Sgt. Thaddeus “T.J.” Derendal said Tuesday morning that the graffiti was reported on two vehicles, three houses and at least one or two other buildings on Dunbar, Grove and Myrtle streets.

“There’s various tagging with derogatory remarks towards the police, ‘KSC ’21,’ and other terms that we’re still working on trying to identify,” Derendal said. The “KSC ’21” graffiti references the Keene State College graduating class, but police are not speculating on who is responsible for the vandalism, Derendal added.

“At this point we’re still working on making contact with people in the neighborhoods to try to identify security cameras to review footage and identify suspects,” he said.

Derendal said police do not have an estimate on the cost of the damage done by the spray paint but added that the graffiti is “very noticeable.”

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