A local man is facing a federal drug-distribution charge after Keene police arrested him in July, according to court records.

Joshua E. Schneider, 34, of Keene, was charged in U.S. District Court last month with one count of possession with intent to distribute more than 40 grams of fentanyl.

The Keene Police Department began investigating Schneider in May, after receiving a tip that numerous people were coming and going from his Davis Street apartment, according to an affidavit written by Special Agent Benjamin Slocum of Homeland Security Investigations, a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Keene police began conducting surveillance of the apartment and observed many people stopping by briefly, including known drug users, Slocum wrote.

In June, a source told police that Schneider was selling drugs out of the apartment and sending people to Lawrence, Mass., to resupply, according to the affidavit. Working with police, the source bought $180 worth of heroin and fentanyl from Schneider, Slocum wrote.

Police also followed Schneider and two others to Lawrence, where someone briefly paused alongside the van before walking away, which investigators interpreted as a sign of a drug transaction, according to Slocum’s affidavit.

Police arrested Schneider when the van returned to Keene. Officers searched it and found about 250 grams of fentanyl, according to the affidavit. They also seized his phone, which included a text-message exchange about buying drugs, Slocum wrote.

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