Campaigning in Keene

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., campaigns at Keene High School in May.

Keene City Councilor Randy L. Filiault has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg ahead of February’s primary, the Buttigieg campaign announced Tuesday.

Filiault, a U.S. Navy veteran, cited the South Bend, Ind., mayor’s service as a Naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan as a factor in his endorsement.

“When someone shows you their true colors, believe them,” Filiault said in a statement released by the Buttigieg campaign. “... Pete voluntarily chose to serve our country in Afghanistan, and he chose to serve his hometown as mayor. So by looking at what he’s done, you can see what he will do for the country.”

Filiault said Buttigieg’s experience dealing with local issues was also important for him.

“What may seem like a small issue — a stop sign in a neighborhood, the needs of a small-business owner, or someone who is homeless — those who serve locally understand the smallest things can make the biggest differences in our lives,” Filiault continued. “As a mayor, Pete would bring this critical perspective to Washington along with a focus on getting the job done so we can finally bring our country together and address our greatest challenges.”

Filiault, who works in sales at Monadnock Ford, was recently elected to another two-year term as an at-large city councilor.

He used to represent Ward 2 when he first joined the council in 1992.

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