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The Pour House Restaurant at 45 Central Square in Keene is slated to open in mid-June. Owner Dorrie Masten described the eatery as an extension of the bar next door.

A month after shuttering a Mexican restaurant on Keene’s Central Square, the eatery’s owner said she plans to start serving American fare from the space in mid-June.

Owner Dorrie Masten said Monday the new establishment, The Pour House Restaurant, will feature comfort food and host brunch on the weekends. Masten, who also owns The Pour House next door, said the new restaurant will be an extension of the bar.

“It’s really all one, but there’s a restaurant side and now a bar side,” she said.

Last month, the yellow facade that had come to define the now-closed Pedraza’s Mexican Restaurant was painted red, and by Monday, a new sign reading, “The Pour House Restaurant” was hanging above the papered-over windows at the 45 Central Square space. The Pour House bar, Masten said, will likewise get a new sign sometime next week.

The restaurant’s interior has been decorated with hanging pots and pans, and the terra cotta shingles that adorned the entrance to the kitchen when Pedraza’s was open have been replaced with corrugated tin, according to photos Masten shared on her Facebook page.

By expanding the bar next door into this venture, Masten said, she’s looking to bring a new dining option to downtown Keene. The bar side of The Pour House already serves appetizers, such as nachos, jalapeño poppers and mac-and-cheese bites, along with chicken wings, tenders and burgers. But the restaurant will have other dishes, such as fish and chips, steaks and seafood pasta.

Though The Stage, on another side of Central Square, also serves American cuisine, Masten said, her establishment will be a rustic, laid-back option.

“We don’t really have a lot of comfort food right on the square. The Stage is wonderful; I go there myself, but it’s certainly a different feel here at The Pour House,” she said.

Masten said she hopes to have the restaurant open in two weeks. Its hours are slated to be Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Masten closed Pedraza’s last month after a decade in business.

“It’s been 10 years of absolutely great success,” she said of Pedraza’s in May. “… But at the same time, the last couple years, it’s been tough.”

So, she added, “I think it’s perfect timing to shut down Pedraza’s, reinvent ourselves, take some time, think about what it is we want to do.”

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