JAFFREY — Like a good neighbor, Bill Weibel was there to take fellow Jaffrey residents to the polls Tuesday.

“I think it’s important to do my part to help people vote,” said Weibel, chairman of the Jaffrey Democrats, 76.

After Weibel put out the call to the community through St. Patrick’s Church, Eleanor McQueen was among those who took him up on his offer.

“I always vote. I wouldn’t want to miss this because we’ve got to get rid of that lunatic in Washington. He’s just awful,” said McQueen, 93, on the ride to the polls at Conant High at about 2 p.m.

McQueen said she was afraid to drive there in the icy weather and was grateful for Weibel’s assistance, but had had a “terrible” time deciding who to vote for.

Although she didn’t disclose who she ultimately chose, she did provide a window into her thought-process: “I think we should cheer on women. I think it’s terrible that other countries have women leaders, but the U.S. never has.”