Key Road hotel

The Hampton Inn & Suites planned for 126 Key Road, seen here Monday, should be completed by next summer.

An official with a hotel development in Keene says the project is behind schedule but still underway.

The Hampton Inn & Suites planned for 126 Key Road should be completed by next summer, according to Ashok Patel, the vice president of development at Jamsan Hotel Management.

Originally the project was slated to be done this past May, but Patel said contractor schedules, material deliveries and revisions to the project caused construction delays.

Most of the details are the same, he said. When finished, the 58,000-square-foot hotel will have 100 rooms across four stories and an indoor swimming pool.

The exterior design has been modified, however, from stucco and brick to what Patel said is a more modern and contemporary style.

“It’s more of a simpler building,” he said. “It’s not as bulky as before, and it’s actually much better in my opinion.”

With the roof and windows on the building, Patel said crews can continue working on the interior throughout the winter.

“We’re excited to bring this project to fruition,” he said. “... I think when it’s finally open, it’ll be really refreshing for the people in Keene.”

Patel referenced the development’s storied past on Key Road, most of which occurred long before his company got involved in 2015.

In 2006, Guru Nanak Hotels bought the property and pitched a Hampton Inn to the city a year later, with a site plan nearly identical to the current one.

But the project slowed to a halt in 2008 after the company’s president, Gurdeep Nagra, was convicted of employing undocumented workers at a Brattleboro hotel and conspiring to make false statements in connection with a bank loan. He was fined $10,000 and removed from the Key Road hotel project.

Later, several liens were placed on the property, and after several extensions, the building permit expired in late 2009.

The city refused to grant another extension.

After years with little to no progress, city officials filed a motion in 2010 to have the unfinished structure torn down, saying it was abandoned and had become a safety hazard.

Less than two months later, Guru Nanak sold the property to Keene Key, which demolished the half-built first floor in May 2011, but that company never solidified plans for the site, either.

A business by the name of Jazzlyn Hospitality II LLC purchased the property in October 2015. Patel’s company, Jamsan Hotel Management, will manage the Keene Hampton Inn.

Though they were not the original proprietor, he said, his team is eager to close this chapter for the city.

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