Courtesy of N.H. secretary of state’s office

N.H. Secretary of State Bill Gardner set the date of the state’s 2020 presidential primary Monday. According to Gardner’s office, he was flanked by relatives of people who helped

establish or protect New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary distinction.

CONCORD — N.H. Secretary of State Bill Gardner has set the date of New Hampshire’s presidential primary for Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020.

In making it official in Concord Monday, Gardner was joined by several guests, and invited them to sign a poster marking 100 years since the Granite State assumed its place as having the first-in-the-nation primary on March 14, 1920, according to a news release from Gardner’s office. They included relatives of people who helped establish or protect this distinction, the release notes.

Among attendees was Sybil Dupuis, great-granddaughter of Rep. Stephen Bullock of Richmond, who in 1913 wrote the legislation that created New Hampshire’s presidential primary. Also on hand was Elizabeth Hamlin Carter, whose own great-grandfather, Rep. John G.M. Glessner of Bethlehem, amended that legislation in 1915 to move the date from May to town meeting day in March, the release says.

They were joined by William Upton, son of former House Speaker Richard Upton; Cyrus Gregg, son of former Gov. Hugh Gregg; Jim Splaine, a former state senator and former state representative from Portsmouth; and Perry Smith, nephew of former Rep. Natalie Flanagan of Atkinson.