Saturday, March 2, 1968

SAIGON – U.S. and South Vietnamese forces beat back a series of coordinated attacks all along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Friday, killing more than 400 North Vietnamese troops, U.S. officials reported Saturday. One of the main communist thrusts struck at the Marine outpost of Khe Sanh where American commanders are expecting a major attack. A force of about 500 communists reached the base’s barbed wire perimeter before being repulsed by U.S. Marines and B52 bombers. U.S. warplanes Friday unloaded their bombs inside North Vietnam’s two major cities, Hanoi and Haiphong, U.S. spokesmen announced. The planes bombed the Hanoi port facility and a key road and rail bridge in Haiphong.

Tuesday, March 2, 1993

Under ice nearly 1 mile thick in the western reaches of Antarctica, Robin E. Bell and another scientist have found something amazing. Bell, who grew up in Keene, is receiving widespread attention for discovering a volcano stewing under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. In fact, there are probably several volcanoes that are heating the ice sheet’s underside, according to Bell, a geophysicist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, N.Y. The discovery by Bell and her colleague, Donald D. Blankenship of the University of Texas, is turning the heads of geophysicists, glaciologists and climatologists studying global warming.