Friday, Jan. 16, 1970

Oil bills are mounting. Motorists are grumbling about the eerie white haze settling on their cars. And a psychiatrist says New Englanders are unusually gloomy. The reason is that New England entered its 17th straight day of sub-freezing temperatures today, with only little encouragement of a warming trend.

WASHINGTON — Sen. Thomas J. McIntyre, D-N.H., plans to introduce a bill that would stop the owner of five or more newspapers from buying additional papers, and to outlaw the ownership of a radio or television station by a newspaper in the same metropolitan area. McIntyre said his bill was necessary because the present rate of newspaper chain expansion will mean that all daily newspapers in the United States will be owned by groups within 20 years.

Monday, Jan. 16, 1995

Just a little off the top, thank you. Just $37,016 — less than one-tenth of 1 percent — was taken off the $29 million Keene school budget proposal for 1995-96 Saturday, as the Keene Board of Education Finance Committee finished its review of the package.

N.H. Public Radio is turning to its members in a fight to keep its federal funding. The state news and entertainment network — an affiliate of National Public Radio — has more than 8,500 members and an estimated audience of more than 100,000 statewide.