Street Savory

Street Savory has taken over the kitchen at Branch and Blade Brewing on Bradco Street in Keene.

An area food truck is now also running a Keene brewery’s kitchen.

Street Savory Food Truck still tours the region and caters events, according to co-owner Austin Reida of Alstead. The truck was parked at the old county courthouse in Keene Friday and will sit at Post & Beam Brewing in Peterborough from noon to 9 p.m. Saturday.

But a month ago, Street Savory took over the kitchen at Branch and Blade Brewing on Bradco Street, opening a restaurant six days a week.

“... The restaurant just gives us the capacity and the freedom to be more creative, to push our menu, to have a larger menu,” he said.

Reida said the staff at Street Savory and Branch and Blade hit it off quickly: Both are early-stage businesses, he said, interested in ambition and creativity. Toward the beginning of this year, Reida approached the brewery about parking the truck there overnight and using the kitchen as a home base for Street Savory’s operations. Called a “commissary” in the food-truck world, he explained that the kitchen is used for food prep, storage and cleaning dishes, and that some states require mobile vendors to have them.

After renting the kitchen for several months, Reida said conversations started about taking over the restaurant side of the brewery, and it just made sense.

“I think that we have two markets that cross-pollinate each other really well, and there’s a synergy that we generate that seems to be really successful,” he said.

With the kitchen, Reida said there’s more room (literally) to experiment with menu options and accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions. He’s adding slow-smoked and fusion barbecue with Asian influences, too.

And with these changes came a slightly different name — Reida dropped the “and” from Street Savory, noting that it was becoming a mouthful to also tack on “food truck” or “kitchen” at the end. But mostly, he said, people kept calling the business “Sweet and Savory,” which was the word play he was going for.

“It just seems to throw people off,” he said, laughing.

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