FITZWILLIAM — Another Monadnock Region town took steps last week to block a proposed natural gas pipeline from coming through the area.

Fitzwilliam selectmen passed a measure to forbid Kinder Morgan officials or representatives from surveying town land for a 36-inch-wide pipeline that would carry natural gas from shale fields in Pennsylvania to New England. Officials in Rindge took similar action Dec. 4.

If the 70-mile pipeline project across southern New Hampshire is approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 6.75 miles would be laid through Fitzwilliam, according to documents Kinder Morgan filed with the energy commission.

Tonight, Fitzwilliam selectmen will host a multi-town meeting to discuss the proposed project with officials from other towns and state representatives.

They’ve extended invitations to Richmond, Rindge, Troy and Winchester, said Fitzwilliam Town Administrator Paula W. Thompson.

So far, the state officials who have said they will attend the meeting are state Sen. Andy Sanborn, R-Bedford, and Rep. John B. Hunt, R-Rindge, Thompson said.

Fitzwilliam selectmen Chairwoman Susan Silverman said the purpose of tonight’s meeting is to hear questions and get comments from Fitzwilliam residents.

“I know what I think of it, but I don’t know what other people that pay taxes in the town of Fitzwilliam think about it,” Silverman said. “I want to know if other people have concerns.”

Silverman has previously spoken out against the project. She said this morning she believes the public needs more information, including how much natural gas the pipeline will contain and who will foot the bill for the project.

She said she doesn’t know what course of action her town and the others will take, but they can act during the project’s six-month-long public comment period.

She added Fitzwilliam officials have not yet set a date to meet with Kinder Morgan officials, but received an electronic communication last week detailing the location of the proposed pipeline through the town.

That route would go through some areas of conserved land and wetlands, including Scott Pond and Little Monadnock Mountain, Silverman said.

“The maps are quite small and not terribly specific, but they’re showing the pipeline on the edge of the PSNH right-of-way and crossing over to the other side,” she said.

In Kinder Morgan’s Dec. 8 filing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, it detailed the total miles of pipeline to be put in five Cheshire County towns: 6.75 miles in Fitzwilliam, 6.14 in Richmond, 8.9 in Rindge, 1.59 in Troy and 5.57 in Winchester.

Ten towns in Hillsborough County and three in Rockingham County are also included on the route. In Hillsborough County, the towns are Amherst, Brookline, Greenville, Hudson, Litchfield, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, New Ipswich and Pelham. In Rockingham County, they are Londonderry, Salem and Windham.

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