Keene’s elections determine more positions than the mayor and seats on the City Council.

Each ward elects a moderator, a clerk, a checklist supervisor and three selectmen. Only one position is contested across the races in all five wards, and Tuesday’s primary gave a taste of the race in November.

Five people are seeking the three selectmen seats in Ward 2: Carl B. Jacobs, currently the ward’s city councilor, came in first with 265 votes; Chuck Weed followed with 258 votes, and Nancy M. Wilkinson took the third spot with 220 votes.

Wes Cobb came in second-to-last with 135 votes, and Robert H. Beard tallied just 63 votes.

Running for selectmen in Ward 1, Kim Maleski came in first with 134 votes, followed by Ruzzel Zullo with 106 votes. Marcia Kayser tallied 10 write-in votes, which is enough to get a spot on the general election ballot, though she must accept the candidacy.

In Ward 3, Charlie Stone received 301 votes for selectman and John McKeon got 291. Cheryl Kahn received 14 write-in votes and will advance to the general election if she accepts it.

Candidates in Ward 4 are Margaret Simonds, who came in first with 352 votes; Paul Krautmann with 329 votes; and Nancy Ancharski with 300 votes.

And in Ward 5, Nancy Lane Stone tallied the most votes at 350, followed by Sandra Van de Kauter with 340 and Richard Berry with 337.

Candidates for checklist supervisor in each ward are Jane Ellsworth, who got 172 votes in Ward 1; Linda Haas with 405 votes in Ward 2; Carol A. Lynch with 376 votes in Ward 3; Claire Coey with 422 votes in Ward 4; and Sylvie Rice with 426 votes in Ward 5.

For moderator, Colin “Bob” Lyle tallied 162 votes in Ward 1; Matthew McKeon received 388 votes in Ward 2; Lucinda McKeon got 367 votes in Ward 3; Ellen Wishart got 425 votes in Ward 4; and Jim Fay tallied 429 votes in Ward 5.

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