ANTRIM — Crews spent about six hours cleaning and clearing the area Tuesday after a dump truck crashed and landed partially in a lake.

The truck, which is part of the town’s highway department, left the roadway just under 2 p.m. and fell on its side in Gregg Lake, according to Antrim Fire Chief Marshall Gale. He said the truck was in shallow water and not completely submerged.

No one was injured, Gale said, and the cause of the crash is under investigation by the Antrim Police Department.

A top concern was containing the spill of hazardous materials from the dump truck.

“There was a release of diesel fuel, motor oil and hydraulic oil,” Gale said, estimating that 15 gallons or more of fluid spilled into the lake.

He said the town notified the N.H. Department of Environmental Services, which responded to the scene. Gale said his department deployed absorbent pads in the lake to soak up the substances, as well as booms that float and are used as a physical barrier to prevent fuel and oil from spreading in the water.

Gale said crews contained the spill to a small area, preventing further contamination in the lake.