Gov. Chris Sununu says New Hampshire’s elections will take place as scheduled in November, regardless of any ideas President Trump may have about delaying elections due to COVID-19.

Sununu said he didn’t understand why President Trump would take to Twitter to predict that 2020 election would be the most “inaccurate and fraudulent” in history if mail-in voting were widespread.

But, he said, the president’s claims have nothing to do with what will take place in New Hampshire.

“Make no mistake, our election is going to happen on November 3rd, end of story. Our voting system has integrity. Its reliable. its safe and secure,” Sununu said. “We have done it right for one hundred years, and so our elections are definitely happening on November 3rd. So I can’t comment on the nature or the whys of his tweet.”

Sununu told reporters the president’s tweets on delaying elections have no bearing on his continued political support for Trump.

New Hampshire has relaxed its voting requirements for election this years due to the coronavirus — allowing anyone who has health concerns to vote absentee in both primary and general elections.

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