The N.H. Attorney General’s Office released its final report Monday clearing a Keene police officer in a deadly shooting last year.

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Key words: "and at one time". Mr. Turcotte turned his head when Officer Corrigan spoke to him. He never had an opportunity to negotiate with Mr. Turcotte before English pulled the trigger. There was no trying to calm the situation. It is apparent that English agitated the situation in all accounts that I have read. Nevermind how shocking it is to me that such a large gun is taken into domestic situations. This was a small space where Mr. Turcotte was killed he had no chance. Do we really want officers shooting to kill our family members? The real tragedy is that the woman took her own life 5 weeks later, to the day. Not because of the trauma from having her lover's blood spill over her, but because she felt guilty. There are 6 surviving children. Please think of them.


In other words. This is a tragedy that could have been and absolutely should have been prevented by the people we pay to protect us.


It's always someones else's fault...Dworvak your right the tragedy is what got left in the wake of Mr. Turcotte and his actions. He chose to put himself in that situation and threaten the womans life. I don't believe that he got what he deserved, but he certainly opened the door to dire circumstances. It is tragic that Mr. Turcotte led the lifestyle he did, that friends and relatives didn't step in and try to help him; he had substance abuse issues and anger issues it's a shame he couldn't find a better path in life. And of course you are absolutely correct that the real shame or tragedy is the children who have to live with this. Police train in the use of deadly force because they have to, it's real, it's sad but it's a fact. I'm a proud of the training and record of our Police Department. I'm very sorry for the situation but very glad that no one else was hurt in the initial incident.


When was the last time anyone in this area that wasn't a 'peace officer' shot at or shot someone with bad intent ?


A little more than a month ago, CommonMan.

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