Due to a composing error, several paragraphs of a page A1 story on Keene businessman Ted McGreer selling a “Jumanji”-inspired athletic shoe were cut out of Thursday’s print edition. Here are the full paragraphs:

McGreer — who has consulted for New Balance’s design team for more than a decade — said his new company differs from large corporations because the shoe design is primarily functional rather than artistic, drawing on his 32 years of working with Ted’s Shoe & Sport customers.

“Shoe designers aren’t in the trenches every day,” he said. “I’ve seen so many 3-D feet.”

One of the biggest deficiencies of modern-day shoes is a lack of support, he said. As a result, McGreer is including an orthotic footbed insert that he designed for the Keene store in his entire Parrish Shoes line.

The full story can be found at https://bit.ly/3vXlEsG.

The Sentinel regrets the error.