PETERBOROUGH — The ConVal Regional School District released its proposed reopening plan Friday, which describes both in-person and remote learning, and allows the district to adapt depending on how much the coronavirus is spreading locally.

The plan — to be voted on by the school board Tuesday — sets out four instructional modes, based on levels of virus transmission from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At the lowest level, with little to no community transmission, the district would return fully to in-person instruction. At the highest, “substantial uncontrolled transmission,” everyone would be remote.

A team is to meet daily to monitor the latest data on active COVID-19 cases in the region and the state, among other data, according to the plan.

When operating in the second level — “minimal to moderate community transmission” — schools would be open for in-person teaching, but families could choose to have their kids learn from home.

With that level of transmission, the district would also operate under a “segmented calendar,” shifting entirely to remote learning at certain points — for example, for several weeks on either side of the December holiday. That would lower the risk of transmission during high-travel times and allow staff to prepare to move everything indoors, after making use of outdoor spaces in the fall, according to the plan.

The 58-page draft plan describes how the district would make attending school as safe as possible, while also ensuring students can effectively learn from home.

Masks would be required on buses and on school grounds. One-way traffic patterns would be set up in hallways. Students would have to stay 6 feet from others. Facilities staff would monitor air quality — open windows are encouraged — and clean vigorously.

The district also plans to lease tents to create outdoor classrooms for use during spring and fall, supplementing indoor spaces.

Middle school and high school classes would be livestreamed, so remote students can follow along in real time, and the district will continue its efforts to provide WiFi hotspots to families with limited Internet access.

The full plan can be read on the district’s website,

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