BENNINGTON — An 8-year-old girl was found to be safe Thursday evening after being lost in the woods for about an hour and a half, Emergency Management Director Keith Nason said.

The girl and her cousin, a boy around the same age, had gone out to play and became lost in a marshy area near 221 S. Bennington Road, according to Nason, who is also Bennington’s assistant fire chief. The girl’s cousin was able to get back home, where he informed family members that she was stuck in the water in the marshy area. The girl’s family called police around 5:45 p.m.

“So we were really worried that the child was going to be somewhere in the water, but she made her way out of that,” Nason said Friday morning. The girl ended up at a house on nearby Dodge Road, where the homeowner called emergency responders to let them know she was safe.

Paramedics treated the girl for mild hypothermia, Nason said, and she was taken to Monadnock Community Hospital for a brief evaluation.

“We got her warmed up, and her vitals, we got them all stable,” Nason said. “So she was in really good shape and very good spirits.”

In addition to the Bennington police and fire departments, first responders from Antrim, Greenfield and the N.H. Fish and Game Department assisted, Nason said.

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