Pine Grove Springs Country Club

An employee of the Pine Grove Springs Country Club in Spofford drives a cart next to the driving range earlier this month.

CHESTERFIELD — In a close vote Monday night, the Chesterfield Planning Board approved the Pine Grove Springs Golf Course’s plan to carve out five new housing lots near Spofford Lake.

The approval came with 12 separate conditions, many of which have to do with stormwater management and wetlands. Some local residents, in opposing the subdivision, had raised concerns about environmental impacts on the lake.

Bob Maibusch, owner of the golf course on Route 9A, is planning to create five new lots of about two acres each. Four lots between 9A and the lake would replace the driving range. The fifth would be south of 9A on the edge of the golf course.

Maibusch has said the income from selling the lots would help him keep the golf course open.

The proposal had been under review since September.

After hours of additional discussion Monday, the board approved the plan, 4-3. Jeanny Aldrich, Joseph Brodbine, James Corliss and Roland Vollbehr voted in favor. John Koopman, Jon McKeon and Joe Parisi voted against.

The eventual owners of the new housing lots will be bound by covenants requiring them to build and maintain stormwater-management systems. They will also have to replace the culverts under Channel Road — a town-owned Class VI road running between the main part of the proposed lots and their lake frontage — if and when they fail.

Pine Grove Springs will be required to install granite markers to indicate where wetlands begin.

The planning board discussed, but ultimately rejected, requiring Pine Grove Springs to pay for an additional study to delineate the location of the site’s wetlands.

Parisi said he wanted to confirm the information submitted by the applicant’s wetlands expert, given that there was much public discussion on that topic.

He also said he noticed “substantial water” outside of the delineated wetlands during site visits.

However, the proposed condition was shot down, 4-3. Some of the other board members said another wetlands study would be unnecessary and unfair to impose on Pine Grove Springs this late in the process.

The board also heard presentations from applicants proposing two other projects, though took no action on them Monday.

Not far from the Pine Grove Springs lots, Nine A LLC is proposing to tear down the former Spofford Hall building and create a cluster subdivision of five housing lots.

Spofford Hall, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility built in 1981, closed in the 1990s and has been vacant since. The land continues to be owned by descendants of John Chakalos, the developer who established the facility.

The five lots would go into a 6.2-acre lakeside parcel, where the building is now. More than 30 acres across Route 9A would be preserved as open space.

James Phippard, a land-use consultant working with the owners, said demolishing the Spofford Hall building and taking out pavement will significantly reduce runoff from the property.

After some talk about fire suppression and landscaping, among other topics, the board voted to continue its consideration of the application June 1.

The board also engaged in initial discussion of a proposal to build additional employee parking at the FedEx distribution center on Coachman Road. The company is projecting trip volume to approximately double by 2025 as demand for online shopping rises.

That hearing is also slated to resume June 1.

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