After a bobcat was spotted on Keene State College’s campus last week, students are being cautioned to keep their distance.

Stuart Mitchell, associate director of the college's Campus Safety Department, said the bobcat was seen Sept. 2 on the pedestrian/bike path around 7 p.m.

Students, in an email from the department Wednesday, were asked not to “approach, harass, feed or otherwise do anything to wildlife."

Mitchell said the last bobcat reported on campus was in September of 2015.

When a bobcat or other potentially dangerous animal is seen on campus, Mitchell said, the department sends an email and emergency text to students. If deemed necessary, which it was not in this case, the department will also contact N.H. Fish and Game or Keene police.

"On this occasion, [Campus Safety] officers responded to the area to look for the animal, but did not locate it," Mitchell said.

The department also said wildlife is frequently spotted on campus, and though bobcats are predators, they are “generally wary” of humans.

Bobcats are yellowish-brown or reddish-brown in color, with indistinct dark spotting and streaks along its body, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game website. They stand between 28 to 49 inches in length and weigh between 15 and 35 pounds.

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