The Keene Zoning Board of Adjustment has given the Court Street Veterinary Hospital the go-ahead to expand.

During its meeting Monday, held via Zoom, the board voted unanimously in favor of permitting the expansion, which will add a pair of additional exam rooms to the facility, according to Timothy Russett, one of the clinic’s owners. He said the plan is to expand into a storage and enclosed seating area that is already in existence on the property.

The clinic is currently operating as a non-conforming use, and thus requires the zoning board’s approval to be enlarged.

“We’re not looking to do any major changes, all the structures are existing,” Russett said. “There’d be about two existing walls that go in the back, and then it would just be pushing what we have currently in the front of the clinic to the further-back existing structures and then renovating the inside.”

Russett said the clinic has experienced an influx in clients after another vet in the city retired, and while it has the staff to accommodate the additional traffic, there’s not enough space to efficiently treat the number of animals that could otherwise be seen. He added that the clinic already has a large parking lot to serve both clients and staff members.

The business currently employs four veterinarians, two veterinary technicians and three technician assistants. He said vets see between 20 and 30 animals each day.

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