Attorney General John Formella filed an enforcement action on Thursday against Kristina Graper of Dover, who is accused of violating the New Hampshire Civil Rights Act.

The complaint against Graper, 51, accuses her of threatening a Black 9-year-old child in a Dover park on May 10. Graper told the child she would “kneel on his neck” and called him a racial slur after he accidentally broke her son’s toy, according to the complaint, which was filed in Strafford County Superior Court.

The Civil Rights Unit will have to prove the accusations at a final hearing. A civil rights violation can incur a maximum civil penalty of $5,000.

The complaint against Graper is one of a few recent civil rights complaints that the attorney general has taken up this year. In March, Rockingham County Superior Court ruled that a Seabrook man had violated the state’s Civil Rights Act after he yelled racist threats at a family that was traveling home from a beach trip in July. Doran threatened to burn the family and told them to “go back to Africa.” The court barred Doran from contacting the family and issued a $5,000 fine. Doran was also charged with two counts of criminal threatening and simple assault, NHPR reported.

And the Civil Rights Unit, which is part of the Attorney General’s Office, is prosecuting another case following a complaint in May against Matthew Dionne, a Manchester man who is accused of assaulting a man after Dionne saw him holding hands with another man. According to the complaint, Dionne told police officers who stopped him after the unprovoked assault that he did not “approve of homosexuality” and didn’t want a gay couple to express affection in public.

This story originally appeared in the N.H. Bulletin.