At least 128 people have died from drug overdoses in New Hampshire this year, according to data released Monday by the chief medical examiner’s office.

The numbers are current through June 17 and do not include 69 deaths with causes awaiting determination from toxicology testing.

Fentanyl, like in previous years, continues to be involved in a majority of drug deaths. Used alone, the powerful synthetic opioid was involved in 43 of the confirmed drug deaths, and an additional 50 involved fentanyl combined with at least one other drug.

No deaths have been attributed solely to heroin or heroin combined with other drugs aside from fentanyl. Two deaths involved the combination of heroin and fentanyl.

Other unspecified drugs were used in 18 deaths, and 14 deaths involved opioids other than fentanyl and heroin.

New Hampshire’s number of fatal overdoses skyrocketed in recent years, peaking in 2017, as part of the nationwide opioid epidemic. Last year — when 415 were reported by the state — marked the second year in a row drug death numbers dropped.

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