N.H. Statehouse in Concord.

The N.H. House passed without discussion on Tuesday an amended version of a bill that originally was intended to reduce to four the 10 subject areas that now comprise the legal definition of an adequate education in New Hampshire.

Amid opposition from educators, the House Education Committee last week amended by an 18-1 vote the Republican-sponsored House Bill 1671. The bill as amended now largely retains existing wording in state law on public-school academics.

Current law says an adequate education is made up of English, math, social studies, science, arts, world languages, health, physical education, engineering and technologies, computer science and digital literacy.

The amended version of HB 1671 adds personal finance literacy to this list and specifies computer science and digital literacy as well as logic and rhetoric are skills that should be taught as part of instruction in related fields.

The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

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