Luke Skywalker James

Luke Skywalker James was born Feb. 4 in Peterborough.

The force is strong with Christopher and Melinda James, who welcomed their first-born child, Luke Skywalker James, to the world earlier this month.

Baby Luke was born on his due date, Feb. 4, at Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough. He weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 19 inches long.

The Jaffrey couple had their hearts set on his name for about nine years, since just before they married on Jan. 1, 2011, according to Melinda, 29.

She brought up the idea of baby names to her husband, saying she liked Luke, to which Christopher, now 31, responded, “Skywalker?!”

Melinda said naming their son after the famous Star Wars protagonist seemed perfect, describing herself and Christopher as “geeks.”

“At first it was, I liked the name Luke, but I think if we were to ever go over the list of [characters] and what names we’d ever use, it definitely would be Luke Skywalker because he’s iconic,” she said.

But it isn’t just that Luke Skywalker is a representation of their favorite movies, Melinda said. They hope their son, whom the couple patiently waited for, learns many of the values that Skywalker embodies.

“He just was so protective, loyal and a good person who would do anything for his family and friends, and tried hard to unite everyone together,” she said.

As far as getting baby Luke into Star Wars, Melinda said she doesn’t want to force it on him.

His nursery isn’t themed after the movies, but when loved ones wanted to gift them Star Wars baby clothes and décor, they graciously accepted, Melinda said.

One of those gifts is a custom-made onesie from Melinda’s younger sister, Tricia Reynolds, with a cartoon version of Luke Skywalker on it and the words “Melinda and Christopher, I’m your son” a nod to Darth Vader’s famous line to Luke, “I am your father.”

Other Star Wars gifts in the nursery include a blue lightsaber, books, blankets and a steel cutout of Baby Yoda, she added.

But aside from those gifts, Melinda said she wants her son to come to the movies on his own.

“We don’t want to make him feel he has to love Star Wars right away,” she said.

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