The Tinshop Pond fence in Marlow has a long history in town. The Marlow Historical Society aims to launch a restoration project this spring.

MARLOW — Modest and content in its supporting role at the foot of the acclaimed historic buildings, Marlow’s Tinshop Pond fence is often overlooked and taken for granted. Yet it is certainly an integral component of the much-photographed Marlow landscape.

Built in 16-foot sections and spanning 224 feet, it is the only segment still standing of the graceful fences that once wended their way up and down the streets of the village. This style of fence represents a proud era in Marlow’s past. Although there is not one reference found in Marlow’s town history, the fence appears in countless photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries.

These photographs show a fence extending from Murray Hall (the Grange) past what was then the parsonage (currently the property of Richard Frank), along Tinshop Pond (the existing section), across the Ashuelot River, turning north on Dartmouth College Road (Route 10), south toward Keene, and east past the Burnap House (Christmas Trees Inn).

Although the fence has been cared for through the years by individuals and organizations, structurally it has reached the point where replacement is necessary. The Marlow Historical Society has undertaken a fundraising project to replace the fence in the style and materials used in the past, and hopes to launch the project this spring.

At long last, in the year marking Marlow’s 250th anniversary, the Tinshop Pond fence will be in the limelight.

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