Some days it is easier to feel still than others. When my mind has a harder time relaxing, I like using music in the background when following my breath. I love classical — it makes me feel calm and it brings up happy memories.

I take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. I listen to the music and notice my inflow and outflow. So when I listen, I just stop and listen — that’s all I do, but not while I’m driving or working.

I start to feel the music inside me and all around me. I really listen to the music and notice how the notes and musical instruments affect me. Every note becomes a jump of joy and peace throughout my whole body. I feel happier and happier with each breath I take.

After about five minutes I feel thankful for all the musicians who are able to play so beautifully and create such amazing songs. Now just because I like classical doesn’t mean that everyone does. Pick any song that works for you, but it’s important that you feel good with your song and that it makes you happy.

I challenge you today to sit down and really listen to a piece of music you enjoy. But sit and just listen — nothing else. Find a comfortable chair and sit down and listen. Notice your feelings, feel this inner joy and peace. Breathe. Keep breathing and take a moment to send gratitude from your heart to the musicians hearts that made your favorite song. This is mindfulness with music.

Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman writes from Keene. She has been helping people to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives, so that they feel happier and more peaceful. A former model and actress, she writes, teaches and speaks about mindfulness to adults and children. Visit her blog at