Yuck! It’s raining and windy. Why do we even start thinking that rain and wind make not a great day? Why even have that thought?

Yes, you’re right: Weather does affect your mood, but how much are you going to let those thoughts affect you? So it’s not sunny today — what else is new? You’re used to blaming the weather for your grumpy mood? How about looking at yourself and switching the grumpy attitude you just created for yourself? You are in charge of your life, not the weather. We have to stop giving power away to all the things around us and then focus inward.

So let’s start our mindful practice by taking a deep breath in and out. Breathe, and notice the air flow in and out of your body. Imagine for a moment when you were a kid and the weather was just the weather. Rain, shine, snow, wind, mud — it was all fun. When it was raining you got to jump in huge puddles when you had your boots on, and it made you happy. You loved hearing the rain fall on the streets and wanted nothing more than to go outside and hold your big umbrella. You felt safe and protected under the umbrella and enjoyed the sounds of raindrops falling down, one by one. The falling raindrops turned into a relaxing sound all around you that made you feel peaceful. Then the wind came, and you felt free and thought that anything was possible in your life. It was fun to be a kid!

So take a deep breath in and out. Always remember that you still have that childlike person within you to enjoy life — it’s part of you. Keep following your breath and enjoy the weather, regardless of snow, mud or rain. It’s time for you to stop making excuses, and to feel happy inside. You deserve it!

Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman has been helping people to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives so they feel happier and more peaceful. A former model and actress, she writes, teaches and speaks about mindfulness to adults and children. Visit her blog at www.dittekeyogablog.wordpress.com.