As a cook, cleaning your stove is part of a daily routine.

I cook mornings and evenings for my family and, although I love cooking, the cleaning-up part is not as fun as using my creativity to create new healthy meals every day. So instead of turning into a cranky noodle head and complaining, I think, “How can I make it more fun?”

Well, first I look at the stove and think, ”Wow, it’s amazing this thing can bake, cook things and bloody hell burn my dishes as well — absolutely brilliant!” If I use my noodle I can create amazing nurturing foods, all with one appliance. What a great invention!

I take a deep breath in and out. I start feeling thankful for having a stove in my kitchen. Then I realize my stove uses gas and I start becoming thankful for the man who brings us gas every year. I take a deep breath in and out. I notice my body relaxing as I take some more deep breaths. (FYI, I am continuing to clean the stove in the meantime while thinking grateful thoughts.)

I realize how much lighter I feel when thinking loving thoughts about my stove — versus getting annoyed. I also notice I enjoy cleaning my stove at this moment. I take another deep breath. In no time my stove is clean. I feel happy, productive and accomplished. I am now looking at an amazing piece of metal I really appreciate. This is so awesome!

Change your thoughts, change your life. This really works. I was so thankful I mindfully cleaned my stove. Try it — it will make you a happier cook. Enjoy incorporating mindfulness in your daily stove rendezvous.

Ditteke Ederveen-Gorman writes from Keene. She has been helping people to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives so that they feel happier and more peaceful. A former model and actress, she writes, teaches and speaks about mindfulness to adults and children. Visit her blog at