This is a fun mindfulness exercise you can do throughout your your day. It’s called ”noticing the beauty all around you.”

Take a deep breath in and out and as you’re reading this article notice the beauty of a newspaper. Thin white paper with letters and words on it to communicate stories. Pretty cool. Notice the beauty of your hands being able to hold up the newspaper. Isn’t it amazing how your body does all these things? Notice how your eyes notice all these things around you. As you gaze over it, look at the things above you — notice either lights, a ceiling, or is it a blue sky and some birds flying?

Take a deep breath in and out. Notice the beauty of craftsmanship everywhere or the beauty of nature, below you the Earth, carpet, hardwood floors. Look how soft or shiny the floors are. Look to the left and right for a moment and notice the beauty of everything. Take a deep breath in and out. Isn’t amazing how many beautiful things are around us daily?

When you notice the beauty all around you you start to feel grateful and at peace. Beauty is everywhere and it’s up to you to notice it and bring more beauty in your life.

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