Do you write every day, not on a computer but with a pencil? It’s a skill that’s a bit lost with all the computers, but it’s something that’s absolutely amazing. When I write with a pencil in my diary, it feels so much better than when I do on the computer.

So let’s grab a pencil for a moment and be still and notice our breath. Feel the cool air moving into your body and expanding your belly on the inhale, and on the exhale feel the belly move down. Feel more and more in the moment with yourself as you follow your breath.

Now grab your pencil and notice what it’s made of: wood on the outside, graphite on the inside and an eraser on top. Notice how it feels when you touch it: The eraser feels softer than the pencil part. Notice the color. Now start to write and feel the pencil move on the paper.

What’s on your mind today? Write it down. What are your goals for the day? Write them down. Write down your dreams and express yourself. After all, the most intimate relationship you have in life is really with yourself. So why not get to know yourself and notice what are the things that make you happy every day? Writing will help you with that most important relationship. So enjoy those hands moving across the paper and start to have a daily ritual of writing. It will serve you well.

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